About a Girl

21. City of Los Angeles. Originally from Manchester England! 

One of my goals for 2009 was to start and maintain an online blog, chronicling my life and passions. I have had a career in the entertainment industry since I was 12 years old. In the future I wish to get into journalism, this blog will help me in my steps towards this goal.

If you would wish to email me contact me at foolishbabystar@yahoo.com

I would love to hear from you!



One Comment

  1. Peko-P replied:

    Hey There Girl With The World In Her Hands,

    A blog is an excellent, excellent way to get into journalism! I am now working on several books thanks to my blog which just started on a whim 18 months ago. I have already had to turn down one book offer. It is rather shocking to me.

    I heard an interview with the founder of Feedburner recently and he was asked, which is more important to have, a business plan or a blog. A blog, of course was his reply.

    Looking forward to seeing what you write about!


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