“American Values”

The following post is a Journal response to Barack Obama’s recent Inaugural Address that I had to write for my English class, I thought I would share it with the world!

Many described Barack Obama’s inaugural address as somber and sober, yet it was the very thing most Americans and myself unknowingly wanted to hear! After all who wants to once again hear false promises? Forty-four Americans to date have now taken the presidential oath, many during calm peaceful times and many during bitter and war ridden. The reason for the somber tone as many citizens know is our current economical crisis, many people believe that Barack Obama may be the wrong person to pull us through it. Age and lack of experience seeming to be a major deterrent! Which brings me to this, isn’t experience one of the major reasons Barack Obama chose Joe Biden to be Vice President of the United States? For what wisdom and experience Obama may lack Joe Biden is sure to posses. When it comes to age ask yourself, if Obama and McCain had the same exact stance when it came to views, who would you vote for? To answer a question within a question “who really has experience of being the President of the United States?”

Barack Obama is also being compared and seen as the next John F Kennedy, but under what circumstances? Is it because Barack Obama is echoing JFK with a call for self sacrifice? Or is it simply because they both were and are relatively young Presidents? Barack Obama is calling upon the American society to forget the “anything goes” culture and replace it with a new “era of responsibility!” This is almost reminiscent of John F Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country”. I think that anybody would agree that although their styles may differ it doesn’t take away the sense of unity both Presidents were trying to evoke in times of crisis.
Barack Obama also very powerfully stated that although some challenges and circumstances of our nation may be new, The price of citizenship is not!. The virtues that come hand in hand with citizenship being Hard work, Honesty, Courage, Fair play, Tolerance, Curiosity, Loyalty and Patriotism. These date back to our Founding Fathers, but I wonder… do most Americans really apply these to their everyday lives and moral beings anymore? From what I see modern day society is more corrupt and less virtuous than that of our forefathers. As many say it’s a dog eat dog world, and although these virtues are fondly looked upon and favored when reminiscing of what’s good in life, when it really comes down to it it seems they have been forgotten when it comes to advancing in ones own personal gain. This overall calls for unity, the very thing Barack Obama is reaching out for!
I personally feel more connected with Barack Obama than any other president of my time, the fact Obama acknowledges he may not be able to solve all of the Nations Problems is reassuring, it humanizes him! It makes makes him appear to not be out of the ordinary citizens league. I am a part of a new generation of voters strongly holding on to the hope that change will indeed happen. It amazes me to hear so many young voices that were once too scared of being seen as too insignificant to speak out, finally having their words spoken aloud! Barack Obama is of the people, for the people, and with complete unity America will achieve greatness far beyond our knowledge! And with that I will share with you the words that empowered a nation!
Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America – they will be met. On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.” President Barack Obama



In other news on my life, last night I was assaulted! Myself and my friend Sloane were having a much needed girls night out, and at the end of the night we decided to get some food! PIZZA!! Upon getting our food we quickly sat outside and started to eat, where from the corner of my eye I noticed a man going through a woman’s style wallet. Realising it couldn’t be his I told him to put it down, to which he started to tell me to hush. Sloane quickly walked over and grabbed the wallet as it would be far safer in our hands than his. The man outraged walked towards me and threw a can of sprite in my face, busting open my lip and very spitefully telling me ‘Bitch! I’m not going to jail for you!!’ to which he started to walk away. There were around 20-30 people surrounding me and non of them thought to help or dial 911? What is this country coming too? Thankfully the owner of the wallet was found and their cash reward was politely denied! However this did not at all ruin my night just the fact my friend Sloane was so eager to help, reassured me that regardless there still are good people out there. 

Overall the point of my story being….. “You got your wallet, I got a bust lip!”

Until next time!



January 25, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. everwonderaboutanything replied:

    awww i am so proud of you for doing the right thing…there are so many fucked up people in the world….but to know that there is a few good ones like yourlef make this planet worthwhile.ur amazing and i am glad u are ok….i wish i was there to beat some ass though…i love u..next time threw shit back……mwah

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