Mans Best Friend…

This week has been for lack of a better word, unlucky! From family members being sick and rushed to the hospital to delayed home comings.
The worst of them all though, being the death of a beloved family pet.

Two years ago I was unfortunate enough to find that one of the family dogs had drowned in the swimming pool. It was horrific to realize that the pet had possibly been in the cold water all night without me knowing. A lot of heartache and grievance followed, but ultimately time healed all wounds and although we will never forget, Colby will always be fondly remembered.

Imagine my despair then if you will, when last night I discovered that another pet had also fallen into the pool. This time however was different, we still had a chance…She was breathing. The pet was quickly rushed to the emergency vet where they took the immediate necessary action. I found a glimpse of hope, maybe despite the events of last year Katie would indeed survive. My prayers however were not answered, Katie passed away peacefully Last night, surrounded by loved ones at around eight p.m.

Let this be a lesson to all, when you have a pet especially one of old age. Please make the necessary changes around your household and garden to keep them safe. Don’t blow something off as a freak accident that wont happen again. This story is proof that it could, and once again has left many people broken hearted!

Some positivity has come out of my loss however, I’ve decided I am going to volunteer at a dog shelter.

Colby 1990 – 2007, Katie 1992 – 2009



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    Sunny 2002-2009

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