Say hello to the latest addition to my ever expanding family, Randall the leopard Gecko!


Leopard Gecko

Lets start by saying it was not my intention to come home with him tonight. I was supposed to be coming home with nothing more than a fishbowl. Or so I thought!

My friend Meg had come down with a sever case of a bullying goldfish. Being the good samaritan that I am, I decided to adopt it.
So off to Petco I went. In search of the perfect housing for my newly found pet. While I was there however, I pondered wether I really needed the fish?

I already had two pets at home, how necessary was the addition of a bullying goldfish?
My conclusion you may ask? Not necessary at all!


I did have a very lonely, recently widowed Gecko at home who was in desperate need of a companion.

Problem solved! Now onto the next…Anybody want a fish?



January 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. everwonderaboutanything replied:

    I was a little concerned about our new addition to the fam, but once you brought him home, I understood why you got him. As for our pet fish i am sure soon we will get one… I know you and i know we are going to have a farm of different and strange animals… : ) so i am ready to have the house as a barn….hahahaha

  2. megloyal replied:


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