ABC easier than 123?

I finally got the amazing news I’ve been waiting for, I got accepted into college! Only I have a problem. By the time I registered for the class I wanted to partake in, it was full.
I haven’t dealt with any kind of college before, let alone an american one for that matter. My only option it seems, is to listen to everybody’s advice. The advice being; that a student is probably going to drop out within the first week and as I’m first on the waiting list I am more than likely to get in the class. Anybody who truly knows me well will know that this situation is secretly eating me alive!

Do I go with the flow and attend the classes hoping that somebody will get bored and drop out?
Do I register for another class Just incase everybody’s advice is wrong?

Their are pro’s and con’s to each, which seems to always be the case. If I do register for another class it will mean I have a backup incase my fears are indeed answered, and I don’t get a place in my desired class.
What if somebody does drop out of the class?

Do I take both? or do I drop my backup class? thus making myself a drop out before the first academic week is over.

Big dilemma on my part. It’s times like these I wish I had all the money in the world. That way I could take both classes and my problem would be solved!

Life would be so much easier if the only problem I had to face right now was choosing between the latest trends in school supplies! …and such is life!

notebooks1. – Handmade Notebook 2. Paperchase – Teal Demask Leaf Design

On a Brighter note I’m about to watch a film about a woman who has teeth for a vagina.

Teeth Movie Poster


Until we meet again, Adios!



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