Lord of the Rings

I’ve never been big into jewelry, most of it in my opinion is cheap looking and boring. 

Recently however I’ve discovered quite a love of eccentric pieces, which would make even a non jewelry lover such as I, foam at the mouth.

My one obsession being a classic staple, the ring.


 Pieces I’m lusting over

Lord of the rings

1. K Brunini Jewels – Spirit Animals 2. Gisele Ganne – Divorce Jewellery 3. Digby & Iona – 14 point stag ring 4. Wendy Brandes – Onyx skull ring


“Don’t ever wear artistic jewelry; it wrecks a woman’s reputation.  ~Colette, Gigi, 1944, translated”

The most common known purpose of the ring is marriage, However did you know that in the Victorian era mourning or memorial jewelry was a common factor attached to the burying, immortalizing, and remembering the dead! The earliest recollection of the ring comes from Greek mythology, specifically the tale of Prometheus.

The story of a boy who dared to steal fire from the gods. Zeus as punishment ordered Prometheus to wear an iron ring, in which was set a fragment of the mountain. That way, he would still be bound to the rock where Zeus had earlier held Prometheus captive. It is also stated however that the Greeks stole the idea of the ring from Asia where anyone who was anyone wore one!

In Other news I’m currently awaiting to see wether I have been accepted into college, it was a late application but I am sure to know in the next few days. In 6 days my life will change as I know it! I can’t wait to be busy and get my life on the way. My New years resolution is to be as positive as possible and step out of my comfort zone and be adventurous. More to come soon!! Happy new years :]




January 8, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. everwonderaboutanything replied:

    You have really unique and exquisite taste. The rings are crazy……love the detail that you went into..tooshay..hahahaha love you..

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